Trout in the Classroom – Help Wanted

The release day for the fry from the Fish in the Classroom project is MONDAY 16th MARCH. 

The first release will be of fish from Linlithgow Bridge Primary School. The release will be in to the Mains Burn at Listloaning Park, Linlithgow Bridge. This is the small football ground that sits just to the west of the school.
Amy from Forth Rivers Trust will drop off some equipment for inverts at around 10.15 and head into the Linlithgow Bridge Primary school for 10.30 to bag the fish. Kids will be back from break at 10.45 to head down then. I suggest we, the volunteers, meet at Listloaning Park at 10.00am.Springfield Primary will be in the afternoon.

The second site, for Springfield Primary, is in the Peel grounds, east of the Palace behind the Low Port Primary school grounds where the Bells Burn flows. The kids will arrive at 1.30/ 1.45pm. 

We should have the second site set up from 1.00pm.
We will need volunteers to kick-sample the burns prior to the children arriving.

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