River Elders tips (two former River Managers)

John Hamilton: – “There I was, fishing, and the Queen Mother waved to me”

Beat 5

Pool A stream at the top from left bank (hellish wading, big boulders) wet fly, long line Pool B Seatrout Run  from as high as you can get and fish from the LB – the main flow is at the RB and the deepest; try not to wade until the gravel spit as there are many DEEP holes – RB and to centre where the Seatrout lie, best into the gloaming.

Beat 4   
Pools 37/38 Trout run into Farm poolroom the LB. 
 Pool 43 Long pool , from halfway down to the tail LB long line fish close to the RB and allow the line to swing downstream.  
Favoured Flies: Salmon, #8 to #12 double long shank hair wing orange, red or black overall colour, preferably small jungle cock and always GP-Topping tail
Seatrout,  Connemara Black, Silver Invicta, Dunkeld, Blae and Black, Kate McLaren and Stoat’s Tail (Silver)

Alan Ayre: “The Master”

Beat 4 pools 24, 36, 37, 43, and 45

Beat 5 pools B, C, D and E

Beat 3 pools D, H, and K . 
I take time to watch and spot a fish dimpling. By fishing upstream and wading quietly its surprising how close you can get to a fish so casting a long line is rarely required. I usually fish upstream dry fly with a #16 general olive pattern such as Adams or Grey Dister, A #18 Goddard’s Super Grizzly can also make the day when trout are taking something small.  On summer evenings just before the light goes a #12 sedge pattern such as Moser’s Balloon Caddis (MBC) can fetch fish up when cast upstream, and if fished down and across in the dark trout will hammer it and it may also tempt a seatrout.