River Avon now Open

“Following the announcement from the Scottish Government today 28th May, Beats 3, 4 and 5 of the River Avon are once again open to LAC members to fish. Please read and adhere to the attached guidelines from Angling Scotland regarding Social Distancing while fishing particularly with regard to parking. Please also note the recommended restriction on distances that can be travelled to access fishing.

As our ultimate leaseholder, Crown Estates has formally given the River Avon Federation permission to commence angling. If challenged by members of the public or landowners, please explain this tactfully to them.

At all times members should carry their membership cards and leave some form of membership visible within their cars. Please note that FDSFB bailiffs are patrolling the rivers and have had poachers removed by police during the Lockdown.

Phase 1 allows Members to fish our waters and for two consenting individuals to meet up to fish. It does not allow for Club Outings to commence – this may happen after June 18th under Phase 2. As such the Outings due for Ruskie on 6th June and Post Marches day on 17th June are cancelled. The first round of the Gartcosh Challenge at Johnstone Loch is also cancelled this year.

Refunds for all Outings cancelled to date will be forthcoming as soon as the restrictions on meeting up are lifted.

In the meantime keep safe.

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