RAF Rules and Byelaws

  1. The River Avon plus its tributaries excluding the single bank beat controlled by the Avon and Kinneil Angling Association, shall be divided into FIVE fishing Beats.
    • Beat 1 shall be exclusive to members of Slamannan Angling Club
    • Beat 2 shall be exclusive to members of Avonvalley Angling Association
    • Beat 3 shall be available to all affiliated members
    • Beat 4 shall be exclusive to members of Linlithgow Angling Club
    • Beat 5 shall be available to all affiliated members
    • See Map for Beat Limits; each Beat is physically marked on the river bank
  2. The Rules and Byelaws of each Affiliated Club shall apply to their exclusive Waters.
  3. Forth District Salmon Fishery Board and Crown Office rules and Byelaws take precedence over the River Avon Federation Rules and Byelaws.
  4. The fishing season shall be as follows:
    • Brown Trout – 15th March to 6th October
    • Migratory Fish – 15th March to 31st October or such date as laid down by the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board.
    • No SUNDAY FISHING for migratory fish.
  5. Beats 3 and 5 shall be available for angling by any legal method as advised by the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board (FDSFB). The use of “diving minnow”, prawns and “power bait” is prohibited at all times. The use of worms to angle for migratory fish is only allowed between 1st June and 26th August. No more than one treble hook can be used on any bait, lure or fly.
  6. Each angler is entitled to kill a daily limit of FIVE Brown Trout.  It is strongly recommended by the FDSFB that ALL Salmon are returned unharmed to the water and only TWO Seatrout over 10 inches in length, from nose to fork of tail are retained per angler per season, until further notice.  All Anglers must return details of all migratory fish caught to the Secretary of their Club before their AGM giving Date, Weight, and numbers of fish caught.
  7. Federation Bailiffs, warranted or otherwise, and Committee Members shall be entitled to patrol all beats and are empowered to remove any angler who is not a member of an Affiliated Club.  Warranted Bailiffs have the power of arrest under the Law.  Each Club can nominate up to a maximum of five bailiffs who may be put forward for Accreditation to the FDSFB.
  8. Club Membership Cards are to be carried at all times and must be produced on demand when challenged by Federation Bailiffs or other members. Bailiffs and Officials have the right to inspect bags and tackle of anyone fishing the River Avon.  Any one refusing to comply with such a request may have their membership withdrawn.
  9. Anglers are requested to report any incidences of pollution, fish poisoning or Poaching to Federation Bailiffs.
  10. Anglers should respect the property and rights of all Riparian Owners and act with tact and politeness at all times.  Members should avoid damaging crops, fences and vegetation; shut all gates through which they pass; leave no litter; light no fires and observe the Country and Outdoor Access Codes.
  11. Only one rod may be used at any one time by an angler and it must be held in the hand whilst fishing.