LAC Membership & Catch Return Card – explanatory note

ALL members must fill in and send their Card back by the due date at the end of the season.  Those who did not fish the river should record a Nil return. There can be a penalty for anyone who does not do so, ie currently you may have to re-join the club and pay the joining fee next year. 

Date: A date is required for each outing to the Avon, ie day and month eg 3/4 or 3 Apr even if you catch nothing. It is not sufficient to simply record monthly totals

Beat:  Members may fish beats 3, 4, and 5.  The beat fished should be entered for each fishing trip even if you catch nothing. If you fish more than one beat in a day use a separate row for each beat.  Remember beat 1 is at Slamannan and beat 5 is at Polmonthill. 

Fish Caught: No need to enter zeros, but do so if you wish

Fish killed:  Any fish killed should be entered after the number of fish caught that day as in the above table eg one killed of two caught 2/1, two killed of four caught 4/2 etc.

Salmon:   Currently there is an embargo on killing Avon salmon, so any caught must be released. Weight can be deduced if the length is recorded (nose to fork of tail.) 

Other feedback: Additional information is not mandatory, but a separate note on unusually large fish, predators, poaching, flies, suggestions for improvements etc, would be helpful.

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2019 LAC AGM

This years annual AGM will be held at 7 for 7.30pm on Thursday 21st November in the Black Bitch, Linlithgow. A calling notice will be sent to all members on 4th November 2019.

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Alans 6lb Salmon

The current banner picture is Alan Ayres magnificent 6lb salmon caught and released in early October.

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River Avon Rubbish

No this is not a Sun headline, although it has been a difficult year for the pursuit of trout!

As part of the RiverLife: Almond & Avon project, the Forth Rivers Trust is looking to collect the litter that will accumulate on a stretch of the River Avon down from the outflows of the Waste Water Treatment Works (WwTW) near Linlithgow. 

The aim of the project is capture and record the quantity of sewage litter present in a designated stretch of the river Avon over a single calendar month. This will highlight the physical presence and impact of these discharges to the river ecosystem, with records produced of the quantity and types of litter items found. This is the third in a series of RiverRubbish projects carried out to highlight these issues!

If you would like to be added to the list to undertake project activities, please email our Volunteer Coordinator Amy at  The first session of RiverRubbish is on Tuesday 8th October. (Other scheduled dates include 17th Oct, 26th Oct and 4th Nov).  

We need your help to record this issue throughout October, so if you want to do something fulfilling like clean up a stretch of the river in the next few weeks please come along!  

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Autumn Grilse

Congratulations to Joe Arndt for landing a 22 inch cock grilse from the Long pool on lower beat 4. Caught on a size 8 Ally’s shrimp. Well done Joe. The fish can now be seen as our banner picture on the web site.

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Linlithgow Railway Viaduct.

British Rail has commissioned Storey Construction to carry out work to re-inforce the piers of the viaduct at Linlithgow Bridge. This will include the 3no piers within the bed of the River Avon.

Work is due to commence next week and will last at least until the end of October. The work will involve diverting the flow of the Avon towards the west (Falkirk) bank and use caissons to form a dry zone around the 2no piers currently within the Avon bed. The work has all relevant statutory approvals, and will NOT affect any run of migratory fish.

FFT biologists will be on site to monitor the work and to carry out any fish rescues required.

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Clearance work – Sat 13th July

There will be a work party on the Sat 13th July meeting at the Quarry bridge at 11.00 AM. Bring loppers and/or clearance tools.

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Ron Kelly

I regret to have to tell of the passing of our former champion Ron Kelly. His funeral will be held at Falkirk Crematorium on the 10th July at 13.45. Later refreshments will be offered at Camelon Juniors clubhouse.

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Sandy Stewart

We have sadly learned of the passing of former LAC president Sandy Stewart. Sandy’s funeral will be held on Tuesday 28 May at 3.00 p.m., at West Lothian Crematorium, followed by refreshments at the Linlithgow Rose Club.

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Sunday 19th May Litter and tree clearance.

If you fancy helping a litter pick at the mains burn this Sunday, 19th May then meet at the bridge beside ALDI at around 9.00 AM, similarly some tree clearing work is being carried out at Johnny’s chairs, meet at the Cemex works at 11.00. More hands – light work!

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