LAC Rules

Linlithgow Angling Club

River Avon Rules and Bye-laws

  1. Linlithgow Angling Club members can fish the River Avon from the Avon Gorge bridge on the A801 to the estuary at Grangemouth. This makes up beats 3, 4 and 5 of the River Avon
  2. Fly fishing only on Linlithgow Angling Club water (beat 4)
  3. Any legal method as advised by the Forth Salmon Fisheries Board can be used on beats 3 and 5.  Worm fishing is allowed from 1st June until 26th August.
  4. Diving minnow and power bait are not allowed at any time. No more than one treble hook can be used on any bait, lure or fly.
  5. Only one rod may be used at a time and must not be left unattended. This is a legal requirement. Other rods can be set up for use.
  6. Only Knotless nets can be used to land migratory fish – gaffs and tailers are illegal.
  7. The fishing season shall be as follows:
    • Brown Trout – 15th March to 6th October
    • Migratory Fish – 15th March to 31st October or such date as laid down by the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board.
    • No SUNDAY FISHING for migratory fish.
    • Outside the above season, the River Avon is closed for all species of fish.
    • Members are entitled to keep a maximum of five brown trout and two migratory fish over 10″ in length, as measured from the snout to the tip of the tail per day.
    • Members are required to submit to the Club Secretary or Avon Managers as instructed, details of all fish caught. This information includes the beat , the date, the size and the total number of fish caught. These returns are required as part of our lease agreements. The date for these returns will be issued on an annual basis to members.
    • Members must carry their photographic identity card and their annual membership card at all times when fishing on the river. These must be produced when requested by Bailiffs or other members. Members are encouraged to ask for proof of membership from other anglers on the river.
    • Forth District Salmon Fisheries Board Bailiffs have the power to inspect fishing tackle and bags and to arrest anyone fishing without written permission.
    • Members are asked to report any pollution, fish poisoning or poaching incidents to the Avon Managers
    • Members are asked to respect the property and rights of all riparian owners and act with tact and politeness at all times. Members must avoid damage to crops, other vegetation and fences. All gates should be left as found. Fires are not permitted and members should leave no litter, including discarded line.
    • Members must not fish from the left bank at the private grounds at Manuel Mill. The owner of the property is one of the riparian owners from whom we lease part of our fishing and has asked that we respect the privacy of his garden.