LAC River Avon Rules

Linlithgow Angling Club

River Avon Rules and Bye-laws (February 2015)

  1. Linlithgow Angling Club members may fish most of the River Avon from the Avon Gorge bridge on the A801 to the estuary at Grangemouth.  This makes up beats 3, 4 and 5 of the River Avon. Members must NOT fish on the left bank (looking downstream) directly in front of Manuel Mill, on the right bank in front of Kinneil Mills farm (notices are in place on the bank), or on the left bank by Polmonthill sewage works below the sign showing the beat limit.

2. Fishing seasons are as follows:- 

  • Brown Trout – 15th March to 6th October inclusive.
  • Migratory Fish – 15th March to 31st October inclusive or such date as laid down by the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board (FDSFB).  No SUNDAY FISHING for migratory fish.
  • The Avon is closed to all angling from 1st November to 14th March inclusive.

3. Fly fishing only on Linlithgow Angling Club’s own water (beat 4 – shown on club map). 

4. Any legal method may be used on beats 3 and 5, but fishing for brown trout with worms or other organic bait with tackle deemed by a bailiff as too heavy for purpose could lead to an arrest, so line should be no more than 4lb BS with single hook no larger than #12.  Worm fishing for migratory fish is restricted by the FDSFB to between 1st June and 26th August.  

5. Only one rod may be used at any one time and it must be hand held.  Rod rests are not allowed when fishing for trout and migratory fish. These legislative rules apply throughout Scotland. 

6. Diving minnow, prawns and power bait are not allowed at any time. No more than one treble hook may be used on any lure or fly.

7. Gaffs, tailers and knotted landing nets are illegal.  Only knotless landing nets are allowed.  When releasing fish they should be handled as little as possible and with wet hands.  There is much advice on C&R on the internet or via the FDSFB website.

8. Members are entitled to keep a daily maximum of five brown trout over 10″ in length as measured from the snout to the fork of the tail.  

As a conservation measure killing migratory fish is subject to limits laid down by the FDSFB, who currently advise NO salmon should be killed, and only two seatrout between 14” and 20” should be killed per angler during the season. Seatrout below or above those limits should be released.

9, All members are required to submit their completed catch return form at the end of the season. A NIL return MUST be made by those who did not fish the river. These returns are required as part of our lease agreements.  Instructions will be issued to members annually.

10. Members must carry their photo identity card and annual membership card at all times when fishing the river. These must be produced when requested by bailiffs or club members. Members are encouraged to ask for proof of membership from other anglers on the river. FDSFB Bailiffs have the power to inspect fishing tackle and bags and to arrest anyone fishing without written permission.  The bailiff for the Avon is David Graham – mob. 07823 448917

11. Members are asked to report any pollution, fish poisoning or poaching incidents to an Avon Manager, or other club official.  In the case of pollution swift reporting is essential so a call may also be made to SEPA via their hotline at 0800 80 70 60 (see your membership card).

12. Members should respect the property and rights of all riparian owners and act with tact and politeness at all times. All gates should be left as found, damage to crops and fences avoided, and all litter, including discarded line, taken away for disposal.  Fires are not permitted.