LAC Membership & Catch Return Card – explanatory note

ALL members must fill in and send their Card back by the due date at the end of the season.  Those who did not fish the river should record a Nil return. There can be a penalty for anyone who does not do so, ie currently you may have to re-join the club and pay the joining fee next year. 

Date: A date is required for each outing to the Avon, ie day and month eg 3/4 or 3 Apr even if you catch nothing. It is not sufficient to simply record monthly totals

Beat:  Members may fish beats 3, 4, and 5.  The beat fished should be entered for each fishing trip even if you catch nothing. If you fish more than one beat in a day use a separate row for each beat.  Remember beat 1 is at Slamannan and beat 5 is at Polmonthill. 

Fish Caught: No need to enter zeros, but do so if you wish

Fish killed:  Any fish killed should be entered after the number of fish caught that day as in the above table eg one killed of two caught 2/1, two killed of four caught 4/2 etc.

Salmon:   Currently there is an embargo on killing Avon salmon, so any caught must be released. Weight can be deduced if the length is recorded (nose to fork of tail.) 

Other feedback: Additional information is not mandatory, but a separate note on unusually large fish, predators, poaching, flies, suggestions for improvements etc, would be helpful.

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