Fly Monitoring

River Avon Invertebrate Monitoring Programme.

Currently members have been carrying out monthly samples at Lovell’s Glen, assuming safe water levels.  We monitor and record the presence of eight different invertebrate groups in the rivers to monitor the biological water quality.  Seven of these are river flies, the eighth being shrimps.

The kick sampling technique provides a record of how the numbers and species of invertebrates within the Avon change over the course of the season and from year to year. Unexpected results can also be used to identify recent polution incidents that have affected the insect life of the Avon.

If you would like any further information on the Initiative, please contact one of the Avon Managers.

Since July 2018 we have also commenced testing the water quality for the presence of Phosphates and Nitrates, both of which can adversely affect the insect life of the river.