Electrofishing – August 2017

At short notice LAC were offered the opportunity, by the Forth Federation, to electrofish one of our beats. It was decided to electrofish the area we normally use for the kick survey to evaluate and monitor the insect life on the river Avon, in Lovells Glen below the housing development and above the M9 bridge.

The results were something of a triumph, albeit tinged with a little disappointment. 

The good news, we captured in excess of 50 Salmon par, clearly this small section of the river is thriving for mature salmon. The down side we captures only 1 trout fingerling. For the record we also captured a small eel.

The electrofishing only covered an area of 15 to 20 yards and was done in quick time so whilst it is not conclusive, the strength of Salmon par in the pool is encouraging.

The following are pictures taken at the event and during the release.