Covid 19 Urgent Update

Outings – COVID 19 Update.

Due to the recent government lock down, fisheries continue to close. At present the Committee have been advised that Bangour Reservoir, , Black Loch, Roslynlee, Glencorse Reservoir and Linlithgow Loch have now shut for the foreseeable future. All proposed outings to these fisheries are now cancelled. We will continue to review the situation and update members as soon as the situation clarifies.

Given the uncertainty NO Outings cheques from members will be lodged for April and probably for May as well. Unfortunately cheques dated for March 2020 have been banked. Refunds will be issued to those members affected in due course.

“Fishing” does not come under the Government’s definition of “Exercise” for an individual. We therefore ask all members not to fish the Avon until the Government clarifies their current advice. This is unlikely to happen until the end of April. Please also note that registration numbers and details of any cars seen by FRT Bailiffs and police at parking spots on the Avon are being noted and may be investigated at a later stage.

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