Boat Outing Rules

Club rules for Boat Outings

At each Club outing, there will be a designated person-in-charge, whose duty is to see that members attend to the following:

  1. All members must observe the rules of the water fished.
  2. Trolling flies behind a boat is forbidden at any time.
  3. Anchors and drogues may only be used with the agreement of all other people in the boat.
  4. If there are three people fishing from the same boat then there should be a rotation of position every two hours or as mutually agreed.
  5. Before the commencement of each outing, the designated person will announce bag limits, catch restrictions, weigh-in times.
  6. Anglers must weigh in all fish caught at the close. All fish are to be taken out of any containers before being weighed, and will be witnessed and recorded by the designated person in charge.
  7. All anglers must weigh in within 15 minutes of the designated time, or will be disqualified from recording Club Points and any trophies. The weigh in time may be altered due to adverse weather conditions.
  8. Foul hooked fish will not be weighed.


Anglers are reminded that boat fishing on stillwaters can be dangerous. LAC expects all members to take appropriate safety measures, particularly the wearing of flotation devices.

Please remember that it is dangerous to stand up in a boat.

Members should observe common courtesies to all fellow anglers particularly regarding encroachment on drifting boats and proximity to other boats during drifts or when at anchor.