Linlithgow Angling Club was originally established in 1956.  This club had passed into history by 1974, when a group of local professionals, including doctors and educationalist reconstituted the present Linlithgow Angling Club as a “Fly only” fishing club.  Originally membership was restricted and was by invitation only.  As the water quality on the Avon improved and the Club secured Brown Trout Leases on an 8km stretch of the River Avon, membership was eventually opened up to all. Current annual membership is approximately ninety.

Our Aim
LAC aims to promote fishing on the River Avon, and organising Outings to stillwaters and some social events.  We aim to encourage younger members to join and participate in angling.

The Club intends to continue to maintain the general health and well being of the Avon in co-operation with local landowners, and Statutory Bodies.  The Club carries out some riverbank maintenance, control of Invasive Plant species, Invertebrate and fish population surveys, in conjunction with the River Forth Fisheries Trust, and SEPA.

What LAC Offers
Linlithgow Angling Club is a founding member of the River Avon Federation, and in conjunction with the other two fishing Clubs on the Avon, leases the Migratory Rights to the majority of the Avon, on both banks.  LAC members can fish from the bridge on the A801 to the sea at Grangemouth with the exception of 1km single bank stretch at Polmonthill, in total three distinct beats, totalling around 17km.

LAC have the exclusive Rights to Beat 4, which is for fly fishing only and comprises around 8km of double bank fishing from approximately, the Union Canal aquaduct to the Bo’ness railway viaduct.

Beats 3 and 5 are shared with members of the other two Clubs and can be fished using any legal method approved by the Forth District Salmon Fisheries Board, (please refer to River Avon Federation sections for the Rules).

Beat 4 is no longer stocked on an annual basis, although some trout are released into the upper reaches of the Avon.  The main quarry is brown trout, with up to 1200 caught, and released annually.  Trout average 12oz, but fish over 2lb are caught every year.  A handful of salmon and sea trout are also caught each season along the full length of the Avon.  Following the 2011 recommendations from the Forth District Salmon Fisheries Board, all salmon should be released if caught.

Tight Lines.

Avon Manager’s Diary 2016